Hi everybody,

Sho things have been a bit on the crazy side and I haven’t had much chance to post about my recent sessions and memory making!

It’s not everyday that you get to be part of a medieval handfasting (which is where the term tying the knot comes from in case you were wondering). I attended the Neigh-bours Magical Medieval Fayre on the 2nd September at Inanda Country base and was privileged to attend the handfastings that were arranged at the venue. With costumed guests attending these themed ceremonies and the ceremonies themselves like out of a story book about a time long past, it was just so special and unique.

Wilna and Michelle were one of the couples that were there to do their own handfasting. Much to Michelle’s bewilderment and surprise! Wilna had very sneakily arranged a secret proposal surprise for Michelle before the ceremony and the engagement ceremony itself as a surprise too – an outward and grand gesture of love and commitment and a promise of forever.

Interesting to me how we humans are. Speaking to Wilna the day before she was so nervous, just because of that tiny possibility that maybe, just maybe her proposal would be rejected. But looking at these images of them I don’t think that such a possibility could exist. Their connection to each other and love for one another is a tangible thing and is not one we all get to experience. I was really glad to be part of this day and see so much of that very thing.