Bianca Yiannakou - photo by Tanneth Bern of Fine Pho“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” – Ansel Adams

The story of how I ended up in photography is a little of an unconventional one I suppose. Since I can remember I have loved animals. I am convinced that anything with four legs and fur must have some kind of gravitational pull and they just make me so happy. To look into their eyes and see what I find there has never lost its novelty.

When I was six a friend introduced me to horses and riding and so an obsession was born. Their inner light, freedom of expression and the peace they are able to give has been a source of inspiration to me always. I rode until I completed school and took a job coaching. It was supposed to be temporary but ended up being a career spanning over a decade. I could write a good deal about all the lessons I learned in that time.

I moved on from that and wasn’t entirely sure what direction to go next. That is when a very dear friend of mine called to ask me if I would consider being the official photographer for a week long equestrian championship event taking place in her town. I thought she had lost her mind! Besides the fact that I had no camera, I also had zero experience behind the lens. The idea of covering this event felt daunting to say the least. Though I wanted to back out, my friend persisted in convincing me to try with lots of frustratingly logical reasons why it would all work out great. I ended up deciding that she was right and I had nothing to lose in trying and I took the leap. As the cliché goes – I haven’t looked back. I am so grateful to her for sending me on this adventure. Atomic Images was established in September 2015.

I love what I do and every time I pick the camera up I aim to take photos that show connection and relationships; whether that be to self, to others, to our pets or to the environment around us. Horses especially show me that and remain my favourite subjects to capture. That and people who are brave enough to let me see the love they have in their hearts without any filters. I want to look at what I’ve shot and feel something. I think so much can be said and felt and heard through an image and I want to do just that. I hope you all enjoy what it is that I see through my lens; my view, my truth, on this rocky journey we all call life.

Photo credit: Tanneth Bern from Fine Photography

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